Month: January 2010

My Background and History: Part 2

The Teenage Years

I spent my middle and high school years in mediocre health. The wheat allergy drama was over, but I was still getting sick at least once a month—especially with sinus problems and chronic congestion. At some point during my freshman year of high school, my parents pointed out that I’d start clearing my throat constantly (and probably annoyingly) every time I ate yogurt. After lamenting over my much-loved milk products, I snipped dairy out of my diet. Boom! No more sniffles. (more…)

My Background and History: Part 1

I jumped head-first into the raw food world in January of 2003—seven years ago at this point. Although this site isn’t intended as a personal blog, I do want to share some of my own history and experiences with raw foods and health in general.

Read, peruse, or skip over this at your leisure. (more…)