Want help? Need help? I gots help!

I offer Skype, phone, and email/chat consultations in 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute blocks of time. I also offer ongoing coaching for those who need continued support, but I like to start with an initial consult so we can hash out your situation and saddle you up with as much guidance as possible at the get-go.

Things I can help with:

  • Nutrition planning: If you want to fine-tune your diet to promote better health or improve a specific health condition
  • Vegan diet optimization: If you’re a committed vegan who wants to maximize your odds of long-term success
  • Genetic tailoring: If you have 23andme or other genetic testing results and want to individualize your diet accordingly
  • Low-carb blues: If you’ve been doing the low-carb thing and aren’t seeing the results you want (this applies to any other diet as well!)
  • Dental woes: If you’re facing scary dental problems and want to avoid (or minimize) invasive repair work
  • Dogma blasting: If you’ve fallen prey to a rigid diet community and need help deprogramming (think of this as Diet Cult Rescue Services 101)
  • Nutrition career coaching: If you want to break into the health field (as a blogger, author, speaker, consultant, nutritionist, teacher, student, or anything else you fancy!) and need help in getting started
  • Life coaching: If you want to tackle the non-food areas of your life to boost confidence, improve relationships, connect with your passions, work through hangups, find fulfillment, gain greater self-awareness, and become the most awesome, sparkly version of yourself possible!

Things I can’t help with:

  • Diagnosing diseases: I’m happy to recommend blood tests for problems I suspect, or to refer you to qualified doctors who can examine you in person, but I can’t legally (or ethically) diagnose you with something from afar.
  • Enabling destructive behavior: If you have an eating disorder masquerading under strict diet goals (and aren’t interested in seeking help for the disorder), are unstable to the point of risking your own life or others’, or have other issues that need the help of a qualified professional, I will not take you on as a client. Trust me, it’s for the best!
  • Complex issues beyond my scope of knowledge: If your problem is too intricate, foreign, or dangerous for me to handle, I’ll let you know and refund any payments before we begin consulting.

How it works:

1. Choose which consultation length you’d like, and buy it below.

  • Buy Now Button 30-Minute Consultation — $80.00
  • Buy Now Button 45-Minute Consultation — $95.00
  • Buy Now Button 60-Minute Consultation — $120.00
  • buy_now_button Consultation + Genetic Testing / Lab Work Interpretation — $175.00

* Not sure which one to pick? 30 minutes is best for quick or very general questions; 45 minutes is best if there’s a single problem you’re trying to tackle (or a few relatively simple ones); 60 minutes is best for more complex issues (or if you have a ton of questions!); and a consultation plus genetic/lab interpretation is best if you have 23andme, Promethease, Genetic Genie, etc. data or extensive lab work results for me to look at, which I’ll analyze before our consultation to give you individually tailored guidance. (If you have only simple lab work like cholesterol numbers, you can choose one of the first three options.)

2. Go to the awesomesauce scheduling website and grab a time slot that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. The booking times are in one-hour blocks for convenience, but you’ll get penned in for however many minutes you selected from above.

3. Fill out the information on the booking page (it’ll pop up after you click on a time slot). Don’t be shy, now! Spill the beans! The more I know about you and your situation, the easier it’ll be for me to prepare for our consultation and make the most efficient use of time. Also be sure to select what type of consulting method you’d like—Skype video, Skype voice, phone, or email. I really recommend Skype video and promise I won’t judge you if you’re in your pajamas.

4. If you have any lab work, 23andme data (or other genetic testing results), or other relevant documents, make note of that on the booking page. I’ll ask for all those goodies before we consult.

5. After I get your booking request, I’ll send you an email with further contact details (my Skype handle, phone number, or email). In some cases, if I feel uncertain about whether I can help you, I’ll request more details about your situation.

Refund Policy

If you sign up for a consult and—after reviewing your situation—I don’t think I can adequately help you, I’ll refund your payment before we get started. Whenever possible, I’ll also try to connect you with someone better equipped to handle your case. Due to the time that goes into reviewing and researching client cases, I can’t offer refunds after a consultation is completed, unless it was an absolute flop and I couldn’t provide anything of value (so far, this hasn’t happened!).

Note: I try to keep each consult pretty organized, but sometimes things get chatty and we’ll veer into non-consulting territory, such as upon discovering our shared interest in obscure early ’90s bands, or our mutual love for all things cat. If this happens, I’ll extend the consultation length and will not bill you for off-topic gabbing.


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