Once in a special while, I venture outside my home at Raw Food SOS for things like podcasts, guest posts, radio shows, speaking engagements, and ransacking Asian markets for jackfruit. This page is a list of those elsewheres. (Currently under construction; watch for falling objects and manholes.)



I wrote a book called “Death By Food Pyramid.”



Wise Traditions Conference 2014: November 7 – 10, Indianapolis, Indiana. Keynote speaker presenting on “Death By Food Pyramid.”

Ancestral Health Symposium 2014: August 7 – 9, Berkeley, California. Presenting on “Lessons From the Vegans: What the Paleo Movement Can Learn From the Success of Plant-Based Diets.”



May 28, 2014: Beyond Sugar and Soda: Nutritional Cures for Damaged Teeth (Mark’s Daily Apple)

January 20, 2014: How to Figure Out What Diet is Right for YOU (Ben Greenfield Fitness)

June 18, 2012: Is it Time to Retire the Low-Carb Fad? (Mark’s Daily Apple)

March 14, 2012: Will Eating Red Meat Kill You? (Mark’s Daily Apple)



February 15, 2014: Death By Food Pyramid, Women Who Gain Weight on Paleo, and How to Spot a Fraud (Fat Burning Man with Abel James)

December 19, 2013: Death By Food Pyramid with Denise Minger (Smash the Fat)



  1. I have been doing some online research on glycine due to your comments re: bone broth and why you make this an ongoing part of your diet. I guess I wonder why you just don’t include some glycine powder or capsules as part of your daily routine. I know the broth is tasty, but you go to a bit of effort to provide it daily. Are you anti-supplements?

  2. It is not only glycine you get with the bone broth. Whole foods are vastly superior to supplements (no need to be anti-supplement to go for the better option). Just my five cents.

  3. I normally agree with going with whole, nutritious foods, but for the sake of daily convenience (i.e., omega 3’s and vitamin D3), I make exceptions when supplements seem to fill the bill. Since I have been putting roughly 1500 mg of glycine in powder form in my nightly tea, I have REALLY been sleeping well. I have read online (credible source) that glycine before bedtime puts you in a deeper stage of REM sleep. In my case this seems to work as “advertised” because i get up quite refreshed. Oh, and my dreams are quite vivid compared to heretofore!

  4. Heart Scan Blog (William Davis) > Chris Masterjohn > Denise Minger

    That has been my support path and references to science based diet decisions. Thanks so much for the Death by Food Pyramid and the analysis of the China Study. Awesome resource as is this blog.


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