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Hi! This is a work-in-progress page that’s doubling as 1) a place to curate the select few products I actually believe in and use, since I get occasional emails asking for my recommendations on stuff (which then sit in my inbox, unanswered, for five months); and 2) a way to keep Raw Food SOS financially afloat beyond donations, as some of these products have affiliate links. If you hate me and want to not support this blog ever, you can Google the product name instead of clicking the URLs on this page. You can also send me a picture of yourself laughing maniacally while flipping off the camera and setting a $100 bill on fire, which I will cherish forever, especially each April when I discover how much I owe in taxes.

Everything here is something I’ve used regularly at some point in the past or present (“future” will be added once my time machine reaches completion) and feel, based on both research and experience, is legitimately beneficial. Without further ado!

Awesome Fish

It’s no secret that I like sashimi. A lot. It was the food that first unvegetarianized me, and we continue to share a very special relationship, in which I open my mouth and the fish goes inside. Even though I live in a highly sushi-accessible town now (hi Portland!), I’ve also survived in landlocked cities where the only raw seafood within a twenty-mile radius was at PetCo. In those tragic situations, internet shopping saved my butt (to the relief of goldfish owners everywhere):

Vital Choice Wild Salmon Eggs


These are amazeballs. As in literal small, globular balls of amaze. These are the fish eggs that launched a thousand ships. When I was in my hotel room finishing my PowerPoint for the 2014 Wise Traditions conference, my boyfriend fetched me a little dixie cup of salmon roe from the vendors downstairs, because I was starving and apparently too inept to feed myself. I went from being cranky and nervous to having blissful serenity and x-ray vision. At least 75% of the previous sentence is true. Then the Vital Choice vendors gave me a 2.2 pound tub of their wild fish roe to take home, which, apart from the gift of life, was probably the best present I’ve ever received. Also, save some monies: You can get 10% off your first purchase by using the code VCAFINT during checkout.

For Your Toofers

Activated Charcoal

activated_charcoalHands-down the safest, cheapest, and easiest way to get stains off your teeth and turn them super super white. Seriously. This is the brand I use, but pretty much any activated charcoal will work. Get some capsules, follow the advice on Crunchy Betty’s website, and then put sunglasses on your cat and significant other because you will soon be blinding them with your radiant smile.

Vital Proteins Collagen or Collagen Peptides


I got some complementary tubs of this stuff at a Wise Traditions conference and am thoroughly impressed. It’s made from 100% pasture-raised, grass-fed beef from Brazil, and is meticulously tested for microbes and heavy metals (important, since some sources of collagen can be contaminated with lead and other nasties).

I highly, highly recommend supplementing with collagen if you have joint or tendon issues, want more supple skin, or have a meat-heavy diet but don’t eat much bone broth as a source of glycine. These two Vital Proteins products are pretty similar, but the “Collagen Protein” will get Jello-esque in cold water, so it’s better for stirring into hot beverages or using for stuff like gummy snacks. The “Collagen Peptides” dissolves like a champ in ALL OF THE THINGS and is faster digesting. Neither one has much of a taste.

SAVE THE MONIES: The Vital Proteins website ships all orders for free; Amazon only ships for free if you’re spending more $35 (unless you have Amazon Prime, in which case keep being your awesome free-two-day-shipment-receiving self).



  1. I would be wary of using activated charcoal. If you inhale this stuff and its not too difficult to do, you are asking for trouble. Pulling with coconut oil might be a safer solution

      1. I think smartersig is referring to inhaling of fine particulate matter when you open the capsules. Fine particulate inhalation can lead to severe lung problems and even be potentially carcinogenic depending on exposure level and particulate size. Basically, the pieces of charcoal could interfere with gas exchange at the alveoli and can pass into the bloodstream where they’ll contribute to plaque formation. That’s why asbestos have been banned: asbestos are also particulates, but they’re like little nanomolecular javelins that lodge themselves into lung tissue. Having said that, I have no idea what the particle size/shape of activated charcoal are, and what the relative risk is. But as a chemist who frequently works with fine particle silica gel, I can tell you the best advice is to not even risk it with fine particulate dust. Hold your breath for a few seconds if you manage to kick some up, and walk away. Just be careful.

  2. I really appreciate what you’ve done for dieters and for sanity in nutrition. Thank you. I hope you won’t take it as a criticism if I suggest there are related subjects that need your sanity application: such as metascience. You touched on it with your book when you taught people the very basics of how to read science and discover if it is badly done. However, there’s much more to that story.

    Please consider Dr. Malcolm Kendrick’s book, Doctoring Data, and see what you think. It can point you to a bunch of other resources that show very clearly how much the pharmaco’s have co-opted medicine and health news. Even advocacy groups are no longer safe.

    It explained to me for the first time what it was my mother saw when she turned against the American Cancer Society and told me never to support them in word or deed. She just said they’d been bought by the pharmaco’s. She never went deeply into why, but she didn’t need to, the radiation had literally turned her legs to stone, they were gray and hard and she couldn’t even bend them at the knee without struggle and pain.

    People we love are dying because of widespread racketeering in medicine. I’m not at all exaggerating it. The evidence is there for anyone who wants to look.

  3. I was also wondering if you’ve seen “What the Health”? Honestly, watching that documentary and beginning to dig more into what I’m eating is what brought me here. I really appreciate what you do!

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