1. I think you have posted the wrong link…it’s not Mark’s Daily Apple but a YouTube video…

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    neisy posted: “Howdy doo! Shortest-update-on-this-blog-ever alert: I wrote a guest post f0r Mark’s Daily Apple this week, and plumb forgot to share the link with y’all. It’s about mouth things. Beyond Sugar and Soda: Nutritional Cures for Damaged Teeth Also, in”

  2. Wow. I have read some of this stuff elsewhere, and even implemented some of it. Still looking for the “sweet” spot. Or non-sweet spot. Or something.

    Sure missed you on this year’s cruise.

  3. Hello Denise, I greatly respect your writing and appreciate this article on teeth health. I wonder if you had considered adding Magnesium to the triage of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, + K2 ? Here are a couple of articles on the interdependence of vitamin D, Magnesium, and Calcium that I have found illuminating:

    Magnesium Is Crucial for Bones




  4. I agree with Prof Mouton. You are an amazing and thorough researcher, Denise.

    The disappearance of magnesium from our water supplies, foods and agricultural soils and the effect on our collective health is calling out for the spotlight of your intellect! Something else to ‘get your teeth into!

    A, D and K2 all need Mg right first for the puzzle to fit together properly.

  5. Link your blog via Mark’s Daily Apple. I just would like to thank you for sharing your experience and now I can somehow see the light of healing/improving my terrible teeth. Still long way to go, but will definitely keep working on it 🙂

  6. Hi Denise, I came across your blog today researching Vegan diets. I am thinking of going Vegan after reading/skimming the China Study. I have Type 1 Diabetes and have read low-carb diets are great, but I hate meat. Love fish, though. Wondering if being a Pescetarian is best. I am also very lazy when it comes to cooking and eat a lot of fruits (all berries and only apples) and veggies raw, but also a decent amount of cooked veggies. I 150% agree with not eating the fake meats or sweets for vegans, personally I find it disgusting (never have eaten them but the appearance alone is repulsive). I also noticed I can go 3-4 wks without fish, but eventually a strong craving comes and I have salmon and then am fine for a few more weeks. I also eat tofu twice per week, when I cook stir-fried veggies. Basically what I am asking is, what do you think is a good diet for Type 1 diabetes, I know you are not an MD or Endocrinologist, but just want your personal opinion.

  7. Hi Denise, what is the reasoning behind no-dairy, and in particular no cheese? It seems like a good source of K2, and wouldn’t that be preferable to K2 supplementation? Just curious.

  8. Hi Denise,

    You probably get millions of emails and therefore have to ignore them all. But I’ll try anyway.

    Please note I have your book Death by Food Pyramid. I likey. I no longer hate myself for giving up on HFLC. I now allow myself to be a ‘starchivore’ without the guilt.

    (I mean, bloody hell….God made potatoes for a reason)

    My question is: If I supplement with K2, will I need to make sure I also supplement D3, magnesium and calcium, since they work in synergy?

    Note that I don’t do dairy… I try to eat kale to make up for it.

    For some reason I don’t trust calcium supplements but I will take if necessary (there is no logic for this ‘distrust’).

    I hope you can help! Already lost a tooth (I have an implant) and am only 35. Sad face.



    Date: Fri, 30 May 2014 18:31:37 +0000 To: neecelovespurple@hotmail.com

  9. Interesting read! Thanks! You wouldn’t happen to have done any research on eyes, would you? I hit 40 and suddenly my better-than-20/20 vision is gone and I need reading glasses and it bugs the heck out of me! Until I read this post about healing your teeth I thought I was just stuck with it – you have me thinking that may not be true!

  10. Denise, why you do not respone emails, and not here?

    Why you don’t eat dairy ? Dairy contain vit.K2 which is essencial for healthy bones.

    1. Dairy is not the only source of vit.K2 …there is nothing in dairy that you can’t get from other food, including the calcium myth (dairy industry propaganda) …Dairy (human milk) is for babies, not adults… Dairy (cow’s milk) is for baby cows, not humans…

      1. Schi: By that logic potatoes are for baby potato plants, legumes are for baby legume plants, nuts are for baby nut trees, and the list goes on. So what’s left to eat? Fruits and non-starchy veggies? And you could technically argue that non-starchy veggies aren’t there for your purposes either. Indeed they all have their own brand of poison to keep you from eating them!

        The fact is that the intended “purpose” of a particular food has no bearing on its nutritional value for human beings.

  11. hi Denise…I live in south Africa so am not able to easily order from the same suppliers as you. I have managed to find the vitamins that you recommend to get my teeth back on track!! The vitamin K2 comes in capsule size 200ug and the recommended dose is 1 tablet and 2 may be taken under supervision of a medical practitioner. According to your article, you are taking 5mg which google tells me is the equivalent of 5000ug…so that would mean 25 tablets…have I got something wrong??? would really appreciate your input

  12. Hey Denise – not sure if you answer these or not, but hey, worth a shot. I recently got some K2 for the sake of my teeth and general nutrition. It says on the bottle that pregnant women shouldn’t take it – and I’m wondering why. I’m planning to get pregnant soon and was fully planning to take this during the pregnancy. Any insight into this?

  13. Wow what info. I have been chugging down a green smoothie each morning with ACV, lemon juice and sauerkraut thrown in for good measure, no wonder my teeth are loose. I will be using a straw, brushing with charcoal and rinsing with bicarb from now on. Thanks

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