Need Help?

I LOVE YOU GUYS AND WANT TO FIX ALL OF THE THINGS. Unfortunately, while passion is infinite, time is not. If you’d like some help with what ails ya, please review the following and choose your destiny:

Mini consultations: If you have a fairly straightforward question (about your own health or a more general health topic), please make a donation to this blog in whatever amount you feel is fair and put your question in the PayPal field that says “Notes or comments.” (If the question is too long to fit there, just type “mini consult” and then write, write, write like the wind in my more verbosity-friendly contact box. Be sure to use the same email address on the contact page that you did for the donation so that things don’t get weird!) All questions will be answered within a week, and the simpler ones, within 48 hours.

Alternatively: If that sounds too complicated, just concentrate mightily, close your eyes, state your question out loud, shake vigorously, and then click here.

Full-length consultations:  For the time being, I’m unable to take on new clients except on a very limited basis, but slots do open up! If you have a situation that requires some hardcore investigation or niche-style knowledge and you feel my brain has the right lobes for the job, contact me and tell me what’s up. If there’s a way to make it work, we will.

Other stuff: I’ve worked professionally as a manuscript editor and all-purpose proofreader for about a decade. Need some eyes on your words or numbers, especially if it’s nutrition related? Drop me a line and spill the deets. Availability here is limited, but I adore editing and try to squeeze in gigs when possible.