Work With Me

So, real talk: life has changed enormously since the time I first started this blog, and after a decade of approaching health from a nutrition-centric angle, I no longer view food as the starting gate for most people’s healing. It’s an important piece, for sure, but the quest for a Holy Grail diet can easily become a distraction from the real work of being human.

My focus these days is dropping under the story and to the pattern beneath. Rooting out the thing under the thing. Liberation from the cycles that keep us locked out of our full potential. I’m in service to your wholeness.

New website for the new direction coming soon.

I also have a specific passion for the therapeutic use of psychedelics, which I’ll be writing about publicly in the future. If you’re interested in exploring this path yourself, or more deeply processing and anchoring where you’ve already been, I’m available for consultations.

Elsewise, if you feel drawn to my work and want to go a few layers deeper than diet, contact me.